Designer A-Z: Alexander Wang

I'm starting a new regular segment on here where I basically talk about my favourite designers, in a sort of A-Z style. So, obviously starting with A, here's everything I know about and reasons why I love Alexander Wang.

Alexander Wangs fashion career started when he had very little. At the young age of 22, Wang, having moved to New York, started up his own fashion label, which at the time was mostly made up of knitwear. From here, he went on to receive grants from Vogue, and approval from his peers. Eventually, he became the tip top designer we now know him to be, with a vast number of successful projects under his belt.

His designs progressively turned more urban, more minimalistic and with more of a neutral palette. His infamous 'T by Alexander Wang' collection proves this; it's a plethora of simple tees, paired with sports inspired longline shorts, all with a highly masculine vibe.

I LOVE the simplicity in his designs - the impeccable tailoring is something to be envious of, and I have always wished to be able to carry off this cool 'model-off-duty' look his clothes often portray. The whole boy meets girl thing is something Wang is just so good at which is what makes his ready to wear collections just that - SO wearable.

Recently, Wang became the creative director for Balenciaga, debuting with the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection. Although with very different styles, the connection between the brand and the designer seemed obvious when the two were paired together, and the collection was seriously beautiful.

Wangs whole outlook on designing a collection is to make it as functional and technical as possible which allows for what usually appears to be a modest yet elegant collection.

The designers recent collab with high street store H&M took him right back to his urban roots, with a line of elevated sportswear. We saw neoprene hoodies, crop tops, and leggings adorned with his name. The collection was fun; it was a step away from the usual minimalistic look (although it was mostly in shades of white, black and grey) however still had that 'Wang' vibe with the urban theme and basic tees, for which he's now become known for.

Alexander Wang has achieved so much in such a short space of time - he was only 29 when becoming the creative director at Balenciaga, only 10 years after his first ever catwalk show - which in itself, proves his worth to the fashion community. However, it's his technical eye for detail and the production of stunningly made clothes, which make Wang my favourite 'A' designer.

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